ebnb website is online officially

Celebrate ebnb official website ( and the new VI together on the line.

brand introduction:
ebnb was established in February 2017, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Founding team is a group of vibrant, embracing the ideal of young people, is also China's first entry into the overseas hotel industry team.

Thousands of thousands are a comfortable, safe, fun and thoughtful overseas guest house brand, self-owned Asian tourist city more than 800 suites source, and has overseas local service team for the global visitors to provide quality and rapid response to residential services.

Traditional Japanese-style tatami mattresses, modern, well-designed apartments with tropical island-style villas that can live like a locality and enjoy a unique travel experience. At the same time, Chi Chiqian is committed to serving the global landlord, for the landlord's property to provide more professional management, to create higher value.

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