Behind the dwellings: the original meaning of regression and quality adhere to is particularly important

China Travel News Wang Jieping

The development of the hostel industry must return to the original meaning, adhere to the essence, carry forward the essence, avoid the herd, blossom everywhere, the need for homeopathy, in the localization, personalization, industrialization, quality and other aspects of their products do better.

In recent years, around the development of bed and breakfast is very hot, available "booming" to describe. But the author saw a data, "2016 70% of the bed and breakfast business losses, many bed and breakfast business difficult." Bed and breakfast is a new demand for tourism consumption, tourism new format. I believe that the binge to do better, go farther, the key is to return to the original meaning, adhere to the essence.

Bed and breakfast refers to the use of urban and rural residents own residential, collective space or other supporting construction facilities, combined with local culture, natural resources, folk customs and lifestyle, for tourists to experience the local culture and life to provide accommodation, catering, leisure, vacation Service of the premises. In recent years, star hotels, themed hotels, budget hotels, youth hostels, guest houses competing development, driven by the hot springs in the guest house, many of the accommodation and other forms of accommodation are getting smaller and smaller, and even some new hotels are also crowned The "B & B" reputation, which is far away from the original meaning of the B & B.

The essence of the hostel, first of all, "people" word, should be the use of residential alterations, to maintain the style of local dwellings, highlight the geographical characteristics of the local folk customs and folklore. The owner of the hostel is the owner of the house, the local farmer or the return home entrepreneur; can also be the city "founder", the legal person and the main business, but not the original sense of the hotel operators and managers, but the guest service provider , The story of the village story, the practice of rural life practitioners; whether it is "boss", or "shopkeeper", should play with this special role. Followed by "places" word-based. This is a kind of integration into the local folk customs, with cultural personality and life atmosphere, have more experience of living space; this is a story, emotional, quality living space. Essentially, the bed and breakfast provides and creates a way of life. At the moment, the reason why some of the young people, consumers and middle-class consumers are favored by the local consumers. It is because of the experience that there is a feeling, a personality, a garden and a sense of belonging. Therefore, the patience must adhere to their own nature and personality, can go farther, better.

Speaking of personality, bed and breakfast should be more "ground". In the "dwelling hot" in the context of homogenization is also becoming increasingly serious. Many of the guests need to pursue Western style, large and full, but less should be the ground, small and beautiful. So go on, it will gradually lose the meaning and value of the bed and breakfast. Every guest must speak their own stories, provide a different experience, to create a different life, so that consumers always have a like you, "come again" reasons. In fact, do not have to imitate others, without "cloning", to make their own personality, to create their own "IP" is the sustainable development of the road. Different geographical environment, regional culture, folk customs, production format, lifestyle, decorative style can be a guest "IP", and then to form their own unique charm. The key is to deduce their own story more vivid, can participate in, deep experience; publicity their own personality, the characteristics of the ultimate Serve brand. Even in the activation and deep plowing local culture to one or two unique life experience to live, do fine, fine, is better than a face of homogeneity is much stronger.

Bed and breakfast development must return to the original meaning, adhere to the essence, promote the character, should avoid herd, blossom everywhere. To guide the road and shop industry in the localization, personalization, industrialization, quality and other aspects of doing better; to guide the planning and construction of the bed and breakfast, select the geographical location, identify the market positioning, lock the personality grade, Take the boutique and characteristics of the road, and in the context of the development of global tourism and industrial integration, and promote the integration of B & B and other tourism development, symbiotic sharing.

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